We had the privilege of spending time with Sue Musleh during many counselling sessions and she was an immense help to us during a difficult transition in our lives. Sue is a highly skilled individual who has an incredible gift and ability to listen, see and offer guidance to those in need of compassionate yet firm direction in their lives. We wholeheartedly recommend her services and are thank-ful for the opportunity we had to spend time with her!
J & V
After many years of living with a history of sexual abuse as a child, I endeavored to find yet another counsellor. I was introduced to Sue Musleh. I immediately felt a sense of calm when I entered my first session with Sue. She listened with interest and concern for me...and I felt heard. I felt hope for the first time in more than 28 years. Sue takes a variety of approaches to counseling and because of that, she is able to open up new pathways of thinking to assist you. Often what we need most from counselling is the feeling that we are heard, validated and guided to help ourselves. I believe that Sue understands these fundamentals. I would highly recommend Sue Musleh to anyone looking to better themselves and their life. While I have a way to go before I can safely say that I am again whole, I am on the right path because of Sue. From the bottom of my heart Sue, thank you.
MaryAnn M.

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