Sue has a warm and compassionate style that creates a safe and calming atmosphere for you to explore what is troubling you, deal with difficult emotions, and work toward important goals. She works collaboratively with you to ensure that therapy is as helpful as possible. Her focus is to support and empower you to move through and beyond the challenges you're facing. She is kind and also straight forward, compassionately challenging you in places you may be getting in your own way, as we all do sometimes, and helping you explore alternative ways to have more of what you want and need.

Sue works from a body-mind and neuroscience approach, always concerned with you as a whole person. As you share your story and experiences she may invite you to check in with your body to understand what sensations and emotions are underlying your experience. This is helpful in clearing stuck emotions and accessing the resources of the body. Often, this helps you become more aware of the possible connections between current struggles and childhood experiences so that you can work with healing and becoming more empowered.

Sue also works from a relational and systemic approach, always considering your relationship to yourself and to others.  Learning more about how you were impacted by your early life experiences, helps us better understand how your show up in your relationships and the world today. Whether you seek her support as an individual or as couple, considering your early adaptations to those life experinces can help you differentiate from old patterns and coping approaches, into new and more effective and relational ones. 

She often introduces and encourages the use of new skills that will help you in your daily life. These may include centering and grounding exercises, developing positive self-talk and coping thoughts, and improving communications skills. In your first sessions, we will discuss your concerns and get a better idea of what approach and skills will work best for your needs.

Sue draws on a variety of therapeutic approaches, predominantly Real Life Therapy (RLT) and Self-Regulation Therapy (SRT).  More information on these can be found on the 'About Sue' page.

The Symbolism of the Sakura Flower...

The sakura flower image that you see on this website symbolizes Sue’s philosophy of life and the counselling or therapy process. The Japanese sakura or cherry blossom flower has historically represented the ephemeral or transient quality of life. All that exists, both good and challenging, is fleeting but in each ending there is also a new beginning. Like the sakura flower which blossoms magnificently but then dies quickly, there can be tremendous beauty, richness, and opportunity even in endings for the ending is necessary for the next cycle of beauty and growth to begin.
Life and our process of connecting with ourselves and others are a constant ebb and flow of transition. This ebb and flow, the process of letting go and renewing or starting over, is inherent to living and often what brings people to counselling or therapy. Whether it is a relationship difficulty, trauma, life or work transition, adjusting to a new role like getting married or becoming a parent, or working on your overall personal growth, counselling can help you acknowledge your endings/losses, explore the resulting emotional impact, and help you free up blocked energy to draw on both old and new resources. Ultimately, counselling can help you connect with your authentic self and work towards the life and relationships you desire.

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